A notification on my phone alerts me that there is someone at my front door. I look at the time; it is only 7:45. The Professor is early. I wonder if he would have come so early if he knew of the erotic and sensual CFnm games that I have in store for him tonight. Obviously, he hasn’t learned anything from the tease and denial story this afternoon.

I watch as he stands at my door. I can tell that he is nervous as he is wringing his hands together. He takes a couple deep breaths as his hand slowly reaches for the doorbell. He stops. With more deep breaths, he begins muttering to himself; it is almost as though he is giving himself a little pep talk. I cannot help but laugh; this is kind of cute!

Deciding to put him out of his misery, I activate the audio on the doorbell. “You’re early,” I say sharply. “I told you to be here at 8.” The sound of my voice startles him as he looks around the front porch and finally spots the camera. A wave of embarrassment floods across his face. “I thought that I would,” he begins to say before I quickly cut him off. “I’m not ready for you yet. Wait for me. I want you the same way that I left you this afternoon, on your knees.” Stunned, he looks back at his car, almost as if he is having second thoughts. “Yes, Demi,” he says before dropping to his knees.

Let the Games Begin!


Amused, I watched him there, waiting patiently on his knees. I lied earlier; I was actually ready for him, but this is the kind of erotic and sensual teasing that makes my pussy wet! I can feel his nervousness, his humiliation, and his desire.

Lying back on my chaise as I watch him. It is hard to believe this is the same cocky Professor that I met just a few weeks ago. My nipples harden underneath my black lace bra, and my hands are immediately drawn to them. My index fingers are slowly circling my sensitive nipples over the delicate lace. I look at the time: 7:50.

As I activate the audio on the doorbell again, I think to myself, he can wait. I prop my phone on the table next to me before slipping off the sheer black robe I am wearing over my lingerie. My hands are once again exploring my hard nipples before sliding down my sides and across my stomach. The lace of my black garter and panties tickle as they rub against my skin. My erotic and sensual touch sends jolts of electricity throughout my body. Tiny explosions of want and need pulse through my nipples and pussy. I moan in delight.

He Can Wait

The Professor looks up at the camera, confused and intrigued. An audible “fuck” escapes his lips before he quickly looks down at the ground. His hands immediately try to hide the bulge that has grown in his pants.

My hands continue to explore my body, sliding down my stomach and over the black lace garter. My fingertips reach the band of my soft lace thong, sliding further down to my swollen pussy lips. I tease and caress my pussy lips over my lace panties as I softly graze them with my fingernails. “Mmmmmm,” I moan again, louder this time.



Slow Down, Pet


My Pet, still on his knees, groans while stroking his cock over his pants. Even after what happened earlier this afternoon in his office, he still cannot seem to help himself, can he? “No,” I say sternly. He quickly stops and begins to speak before stopping himself.

Good pet, I think to myself.

As though he can hear my thoughts, the pleading look on his face changes to a look of shy contentment. Like an obedient pet, he already yearns for my approval.



Testing Him with Erotic and Sensual CFnm Games


Testing the hold that I have on him, I seductively command that My Pet take off all of his clothes. “Wh-wh-what? Here? Right now?” He stutters, completely shocked at my latest demand.

“Absofuckinglutely. Right there, right now. Do it.”

There are many reasons to try guided masturbation. Hearing my erotic and sensual voice commanding my Pet to strip naked in the way that only I can do is a pretty damn good reason.


Check back to find out what happened next! In the meantime, I want to know what you think My Pet did next. Let me know in the comments!



Keeping you under my spell and craving more until next time,

Your Sensual Cocktease Mistress Demi