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Are you curious to know more about me? Well, you are in luck! Here are 10 things about me that you should know before our session. And to be totally honest, this is probably the most that I will ever willingly talk about myself. I am much more interested in learning about you!

However, if you were hoping to make a good first impression before our session, reading this will absolutely guarantee your success. So, read the tea about FemDom Goddess Demi and if you still want to know more, definitely contact me and ask away, I won’t bite…hard. 😏



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10 Things About Me

My Vibe. 

Good fucking luck figuring this one out. 🤣  I’m a walking, talking, fucking contradiction.

I’m a logophile who cusses worse than a sailor.

I put the Demi in demisexual. 😉 Sapioromantic Demisexual to be exact. Which is probably why I enjoy phonesex so much. And may also explain why I will not be begging you to send me fifty million pictures of your abs everyday.

I’m terrible at small talk; I don’t really care to talk about the weather…tell me your dirtiest, sluttiest secrets. I want to know what keeps you up at night. Tell me your plans for dismantling the patriarchy. Anything but small talk.

I’ll call you a cock sucking whore while pegging you with my strap on one minute and snuggle you to death right after.

I’m a “bougie hippie”, I want to dance in a field of flowers that I grew and then sip expensive champagne while I soak in a candlelit bubble bath. Preferably while being massaged and handfed grapes by my harem of concubines.

It is impossible to share too many memes, songs, jokes, or books with me. I absolutely love that shit!


I am in my mid 20’s.

Do not let my age fool you. I am young and experienced, not only in sex but in life as well.


Business Administration & Sociology Major.

Currently I am completing a bachelors degree in Business Administration and Sociology. I am often asked why I am online so late at night, this is why. During the day, I am either in class or at work. This isn’t my “job”…this is my playtime. My time to decompress, unwind, and let off some steam. What do I plan to do after graduation? I want to continue school. Ultimately, I would love to use what I have studied and use it to create a better society. In addition to the enormous contribution that I provide to society by controlling cocks, of course. 😏


I love to travel.

I was privileged enough to live in several states and countries growing up. Because of that, I find myself needing a change of scenery all the freaking time. I absolutely love where I live so instead of moving, I travel every chance that I get. I have a huge bucket list of things to do and places to see before I die.

You may even catch me while I am traveling! I prefer to stick to the same routine and schedule, but if there are ever any changes, I will update my schedule and update with a blog post.


“California, knows how to party!” – Tupac

Speaking of where I live…I live on the West Coast of the USA in the great state of California. I love everything about this place! The weather, the people, the vibes, all of it. In my downtime, you can find me soaking up the sun at the beach. Below, I shared a photo that I took from my fave spot in the entire world. It’s my secret little 420 smoke spot and I have never shared the location with anyone. It is beautiful, isn’t it? 😍









I love to read, listen to music, garden, and volunteer. In my spare time I play the guitar and paint (horribly but it’s fun).


Love Life. 

I am enjoying life and not in a hurry to settle down just yet. I’m currently single however I do enjoy many lovers. Polyamory would be the closest label to pin on me at the moment.



I have been practicing BDSM since 2017. I use the word “practicing” because I feel that I am always learning and growing. There are always new interests or things that I am currently exploring.

My second favorite place in the world is my playroom. Yes, I really do have a playroom. No, you can’t really come visit it. But I can guarantee that at some point in the course of our relationship, I will have you either tied up to the St. Andrew’s Cross or underneath the milking table.

My playroom currently features a Queening throne, bondage table, spanking bench, St. Andrew’s Cross, sex swing, and a milking table. I have rope for Shibari, strap ons, vibrators, anal plugs, cuffs, spreader bars, ball gags, dildos, paddles, whips, floggers, and ticklers. I’m always adding new BDSM furniture and sex toys to my playroom!

I truly enjoy female domination. There aren’t words powerful enough to describe the feelings that I get when a submissive has fully given up control to me. I recognize, admire, and appreciate the vulnerability needed in order for a submissive to fully submit.

A healthy D/s relationship is built on many things. It is not simply a phone call where you say, “I want to be your slave, dominate me.” If you are truly looking to form a long-term D/s relationship, reach out, I would love to see if we connect. If you are interested in a fantasy roleplay where you pretend to be submissive and I dominate you, I enjoy those too. However, there is a vast difference and I don’t like to conflate the two.


What Turns Me On

In no particular order; Sensual Domination, Cock Control, Tease and Denial, Edging, Orgasm Control, Body Worship, Erotic Humiliation, Lingerie, Bondage, Sex Toys.

I know I am forgetting SO many things, if you don’t see your interest listed, ask me about it.


What Turns Me Off

I do not kink shame but we all have boundaries. These are my hard limits, in no particular order. If you have something in mind that you think could possibly be a turn off or hard limit, please ask before we play.

Brats, I am not a brat tamer. I have zero interest in coddling, disciplining, or dominating a “submissive” who intentionally seeks out disobedience.

Race play. I love a big Black cock and you can certainly worship one for me but do not ask me to use any racial or ethnic slurs.

Homophobia/Transphobia. Just, no.

Anything non-consensual and/or illegal. Don’t even ask.

Topping from the bottom.



Sensual Cocktease Mistress Demi

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