I am often asked when I knew that I was dominant and enjoyed tease and denial. Honestly, I cannot really pinpoint an age. But, I can pinpoint the exact moment that I realized the full power that my pussy holds over men. My tease and denial story began by accident, it would be years before I even knew what tease and denial was.


My (Accidental) Tease and Denial Story

It was only six years ago actually. I was 19 and he was my college professor. Technically, he still is my professor. I am currently in a class of his right now. More on that in a future blog! 😉


The Professor is an attractive, successful older man, who is brilliant in his field of study. When I first met him, he was also extremely arrogant and smug beyond belief. There is confident and there is conceited. He was conceited. From day one he had it out for me, it was obvious to everyone in our class.


What I didn’t understand at the time was, if I bothered him so much, why couldn’t he keep his eyes off of me? During lectures it was as though he were speaking only to me, very rarely did he ever even acknowledge the others. His gaze was always fixed on me, specifically on my legs and my tits.


I would be lying if I said that I didn’t take advantage of this. You can believe that I absofuckinglutely did! I wore revealing outfits and noted his response to each one. I quickly learned that not only did he love my legs and tits; but he would have a visibly hard cock on the days when I wore open toe shoes. 

The Professor has a foot fetish. I knew right then that I was going to conquer this man. Really, I should have known then that I had a FemDom body worship fetish and relished having every inch of my body worshipped. 


My breaking point came after an essay that I wrote. I spent weeks prepping and researching for this essay, I was so extremely proud of my work. And the douchebag had the audacity to tell me that it was “anticlimactic” and gave me a failing grade.


That was it, the final straw! This is when my innocent teasing turned into the flaming hot tease and denial story that continues to this day. The Professor is now my student and he has never missed a class. 😉

I scheduled a meeting with The Professor to talk about my essay. I made sure to wear my favorite miniskirt to show off my long legs and paired it with a plunging v-neck fitted top to really show off my cleavage. Of course I was sure to have my toenails freshly painted with a sensual shade of red, his favorite. 


I arrived early. The Professor had a class right beforehand and I wanted to catch him off guard before he had time to mentally prepare himself. I sat across from his desk, one leg crossed over the other, exposing my toned thigh and the curve of my ass cheek.


As soon as he walked into his office an audible gasp escaped his lips. He cleared his throat and attempted to collect himself. Sitting at his desk, he opened his laptop but his eyes continued to dart back towards me. His gaze slowly drinking me in. 


Beads of sweat gathered on his forehead and I noticed that his hands were trembling. I had never seen him this way before. Usually he was so confident and so smug. Surely a young, naÏve college freshman like myself wouldn’t be the cause of this world renowned social scientist to react this way, right? 


For a moment I almost felt sorry for him, for a moment.


Anticlimactic” rang in my head and the little bit of pity that I was feeling was gone in an instant. Quickly replaced with a renewed determination to absolutely break this man. 


I put on my very best innocent, inquisitive act. Pleading with The Professor to show me where I went wrong with my essay. 

The tears flowed from my eyes so easily, even I was surprised. However, it was as though fate was on my side because even I couldn’t control where they fell. Which very conveniently happened to be between my 36D tits.


He squirmed in his chair. I leaned over his desk to get a closer look at the screen of his laptop, pointing to a section of my essay. He whimpered. WHIMPERED!

I knew I had him.


“I’m sorry my mascara is running and I’m having a hard time seeing your screen. Can you bring it closer?” I sweetly ask him while patting the seat of the chair next to me.


He quickly obliges and jumps to his feet, lifting his laptop from his desk. “Professor!” I gasp, faking my surprise while pointing at his crotch. His cock, rock hard, is standing right at attention. I expected him to have a hard cock under his pants, what I didn’t expect was to see it. 


The perv had unzipped his pants and had been jerking off under his desk this entire time! I have to admit, that’s actually really fucking hot. But, I didn’t give him permission to jerk off to me, wtf?!


The Professor immediately hides his raging hard cock with his laptop. The beads of sweat have now joined together forming streams flowing down his cherry red face. His breathing is short and shallow. I believe he is trying to speak but all I hear are strange noises, I cannot even make out one complete word. 


I stand up and calmly walk over to him. My eyes locked on his, I hold eye contact with him, not saying a word. 

He drops to his knees, sobbing.

Did I just break him?

Before I can say a word, he begins kissing my feet, kissing each of my toes.

Yep. I broke him. 😈


I grab a post it note from his desk and write down my address before tossing it down to him on the floor.


I’ll see you at 8. Don’t be late.


You’ll have to read my next blog to find out what happens next in this tease and denial story! 😏 But, if you absolutely cannot wait until then, call my phone sex hot line and if you ask nicely, I may just spill the tea. 

Keeping you under my spell and craving more until next time,

Your Sensual Cocktease Mistress Demi