Cum join me for an afternoon delight!

There are days, like today, when I get all the way to my college campus only to find out that class has been cancelled. So, now I find myself sitting in the library, horny AF while I am waiting for my next class. I know I am not alone. Let’s keep each other company while we indulge ourselves with a racy skype sexting session!

How Does a Skype Sexting Session Work?

It works just like our Sexy Texting Sessions except it is on Skype!

  • Download Skype on your device and add me (Demi’s Skype).
  • Send me a message and make sure I am available. 
  • Purchase your session on our Sexy Texting website.
  • Get comfy and let’s have some naughty, sexy fun together! 



Are you craving sexy, erotic, naughty playtime, but you’re not able to call? Skype sexting sessions with me will satisfy your craving! My vivid imagination is just as captivating over text as it is through audio. I really enjoy sending descriptive texts so that you are able to envision the scene in your mind.

Some might even say that texting can be more intimate because it allows you to let your guard down in ways that you otherwise wouldn’t feel as comfortable doing. It’s a really great way to experiment and try new things! We all have those kinks and fetishes that we have heard about and have wanted to try. Let’s try them together!

I think it is so hot when you set up a sexy texting session with me during work while you are in a meeting. The thought of teasing you by describing a scene where I am dominating you is a huge turn-on for me. I can see you trying so hard to conceal your hard cock underneath your desk. Shifting in your chair ever so slightly while you sneakily brush your hand against that bulge in your pants.

Be careful!

You do not want your co-workers to notice how your cheeks blush each time you read a new message from me. What would they say if they heard the way you whimper as you feel the pre-cum start to drip from the tip of your cock?

By appealing to all of your senses, I will transport you into our own private dimension, where you will be fully engrossed in our time together. Our Skype sexting chats will be so realistic that you will be able to feel my presence there with you.

Close your eyes.

What do you see, hear, smell, and feel?

Text me right now. I want to know!


Keeping you under my spell and craving more until next time,

Your Sensual Cocktease Mistress Demi