In the quiet intimacy of my playroom Jake, the gooner, kneels naked below me. I stand before him with a mischievous smile playing on my lips. From previous gooning sessions, I am aware of the power that I hold over him. I have the ability to easily push him to the brink of desire, the edge of no return, and bring him back again. Leaving him craving more of me with each tantalizing touch. Tonight is different. Tonight, I am giving Jake the ultimate gooning session.

The room is cloaked in the soft glow of candlelight. It casts flickering shadows across the luxurious silk sheets that adorn the bed. Turning away from him, I sensually sway my hips from side to side. Fully aware that his eyes are fixated on my ass as I walk to my plush velvet chaise and sit down. Exuding an aura of sensual dominance that leaves him weak with desire, my gaze is intense and alluring. It burns into him as I sip from a glass of red wine, my lips stained a deep crimson.

Setting my glass down, my silk robe slips slightly off of my shoulders to reveal a hint of my cleavage and the sheer lace lingerie that adorns my curves. Jake’s eyes widen with hunger as he takes in the sight of me, his body already responding to my presence.



The Ultimate Gooning Session is Sensually Teasing My Gooner Into a State of Euphoric Submission


My silhouette is a vision of elegant, sensual allure and power in the dimly lit room. I know exactly what I want tonight. I am going to dominate and sensually tease Jake, my gooner, into a state of euphoric submission.

Jake is kneeling in the middle of the playroom, his impatience palpable. His eyes fixed on my every move, his breath audibly quickening with anticipation.

He is already hard with desire, his body aching for my touch.

My piercing eyes lock on his. I exude an irresistible magnetism that both excites and intimidates him. My presence entrances him.


Jake is a gooner. A man who finds intense pleasure in prolonged arousal and deliberate teasing. He enjoys repeatedly edging himself to the brink of release only to deny himself. Jake goons for hours, edging and denying himself the pleasure of orgasm. As my submissive, he has shared his most secret desires with me, one of them being an intense, ultimate gooning session. He has surrendered himself to me, trusting me to lead him to the heights of ecstasy.

Jake has always been captivated by me. I am a woman who knows exactly how to push his buttons, tease his desires, and leave him yearning for more. Tonight, however, is different. Tonight, I have promised him the ultimate gooning session. A marathon of intense arousal and stimulation that will push him to his limits. A gooning session that would not only push his limits but send him over the edge, leaving him trembling in an erotic bliss that he has only dreamt of.

“Are you ready, Jake?” My voice is a sultry whisper that sends shivers down his spine.
“Yes, Goddess Demi,” Jake replies, his voice husky with anticipation.



Ultimate Gooning Session: Sensually Cockteasing the Gooner to the Edge of Ecstasy


“Come closer,” I say with a sultry smile, my voice a seductive melody in the quiet room. I beckon him closer with a curl of my finger.

Jake nods and obeys instantly, crossing the room to stand before me. His heart racing with excitement and nerves, his eyes never leaving mine. He is drawn to me like a moth to a flame.

He kneels before me, his eyes hungry with anticipation.

I reach out and trail my fingers lightly over his cheek, a teasing gesture that sends shivers down his spine.



Tonight, You Belong to Me


“You’ve been so patient,” I murmur as I lean in closer to him, my breath warm against his ear. “Now, I want you to let go completely,” I say as I teasingly nibble on his earlobe.

My lips coax a moan of longing from him. I pull away slowly, savoring the sight of him—the way his chest rises and falls with every ragged breath, the way his eyes darken with desire.

Standing up, I circle him slowly. Gently scraping my fingernails up his arms and shoulders. I stand behind him, my flowing hair cascading over my shoulders. I bend at the waist and lean in close again, my lips brushing against his neck.

“Tonight, you belong to me,” I purr, my voice low and commanding. A potent mix of authority and seduction.

“Do you understand?”

Jake nods eagerly, his breath hitching in his throat. I smile knowingly, my fingers lightly trailing down his chest, eliciting a shiver of anticipation from him.

“I’m going to tease you until you can’t take it anymore,” I whisper, my warm breath sending a thrill down Jake’s spine. “And then, I’ll tease you some more.”

With that promise hanging in the air, I begin my seductive assault. I start with feather-light touches, tracing circles on his skin with my fingertips. Teasingly close to his throbbing arousal but never quite touching it. Jake’s body quivers with need, aching for more of my touch.



Goddess of Temptation


I continue my torment, my hands exploring every inch of his body with purposeful slowness. Reveling in the way his muscles tense under my touch, the way his breathing quickens with each teasing caress. I lean in to kiss him—softly at first, then with increasing urgency, my tongue exploring his mouth in a dance of desire.

As Jake’s arousal intensifies, I abruptly pull away, leaving him breathless and wanting more. Standing back, admiring the sight of him. A vision of longing and submission, laid bare before me.

I slowly undress, sliding the robe off and letting it fall to the floor. My movements are fluid and hypnotic, revealing the curves of my body inch by tantalizing inch. Jake’s breath is caught in his throat as he takes in the sight of me—the curve of my hips, the swell of my breasts, the tantalizing hint of my arousal. I am a goddess of temptation, and he is utterly entranced.


Stroke for Me


Stroke for me,” I command softly, my voice laced with desire.

Jake eagerly obeys, his hands shaking as he strokes himself under my watchful gaze. Listening intently to my sensual jerk off instructions. I circle around him, occasionally brushing against him, sending jolts of pleasure through his already heightened senses. My presence alone is intoxicating, my dominance over him absolute.

“Stroke faster for me, Jake,” I purr in his ear. Jake obeys without hesitation, his hands moving fervently as quickens his pace. Stroking his cock feverishly in his hand under my watchful gaze.
I watch him intently, my own arousal growing as I witness the effect I have on him.

As Jake strokes himself for me, I lean in closer, my lips grazing his ear. “I want you to edge for me,” I moan, my breath warm against his skin. “Edge until I tell you to stop.”

Leaning even closer into him, shoving my bare and exposed breasts in his face. I swirl the tip of my index finger around the thick mushroom head of his cock.

Jake groans as he buries his face between my tits, kissing them. His movements become more urgent as he strokes himself closer to the edge.
His tongue is tangling with passion ignited like wildfire, eager to massage and explore my hard nipples.

Before his lips make their way to my sensitive nipples, I pull away abruptly, leaving him breathless and wanting.
My eyes are smoldering with desire as I slide my index finger inside his mouth. Without hesitation he sucks his pre-cum from my fingertip.

I watch with hungry eyes, reveling in the power that I hold over him—the way he responds to my every command, the way his pleasure builds with each stroke.



Stop Stroking


“Stop stroking,” I ordered suddenly, halting Jake’s movements. He freezes, his eyes wide with need, desperate for my touch once more.

“Not yet,” I tease, a wicked smile playing on my lips. My fingers trailing down my neck and over my breasts. Stopping briefly to pinch and pull on my erect nipples before slowly sliding down my stomach. My fingers explore my wet pussy, my eyes fixated on Jake. His cock twitching and throbbing, begging to be touched. He licks his lips hungrily. Undoubtedly imagining his tongue buried deep inside me, lapping up my sweet nectar.

Climbing onto his lap, I straddle Jake’s hips, my heat pressing against his throbbing arousal. I lean down to kiss him, our bodies melding together in a passionate embrace.

I begin to grind my pussy against him, a slow and tantalizing rhythm that drives Jake to the brink of madness. My wetness is covering his throbbing cock, lubing it up.

Grabbing his cock in my hand, I control the pace, drawing out his pleasure with exquisite precision. Jake groans, his hands gripping my hips as he surrenders to the overwhelming sensation coursing through him.

Just when he thought he can’t take anymore, I shift my position, denying him the release he is craving. I grab his hand and wrap it around his cock. Placing my hand on his, I begin guiding him up and down his shaft. Slowly continuing to stroke him, my movements a symphony of pleasure and restraint. Jake’s breath comes in ragged gasps, his body trembling with the effort to hold back.



Please, Goddess. May I cum for you?


“Please, Goddess. May I cum for you?” he begs, his voice hoarse with need.

“Not yet,” I whisper against his ear, my tone both comforting and commanding. Leaning back, my hands trail up his chest and then slowly down to where they were joined, intensifying the friction between us.

I continue to tease and grind my body against him. Bringing him to the edge and then back down. I tease him like this over and over until Jake cannot hold on any longer. His body trembling with need.

“Please…” Jake pleads, his eyes begging.

“Cum for me Jake,” I whisper into his ear. Feeling his hard cock throbbing against me.

With a guttural cry, he finds his release. His pleasure erupts in waves that crash over him like a tidal wave. I continue to move against him, prolonging his ecstasy until he collapses beneath me, spent and sated.


The Ultimate Gooning Experience


As we lay entwined in the aftermath, our bodies slick with sweat and sated desire, I hold Jake close. “You were incredible,” I say. I continue to whisper words of praise and adoration into his ear as my fingers trace lazy patterns on his skin.

“You drive me wild,” Jake confesses, his voice filled with awe.

I smile softly, my heart swelling with affection for the man who has surrendered himself so completely to me. “And you,” I reply, “are my perfect gooner.”

Jake could only nod in agreement, his mind still reeling from the intensity of our encounter. He knew that tonight, with me as his guide and mistress of pleasure, he had experienced the ultimate gooning session. A journey of surrender, exploration, male self pleasure, and unbridled ecstasy that had left him utterly fulfilled.



Keeping you under my spell and craving more until next time,

Your Sensual Cocktease Mistress Demi


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