Have you committed to jerking off everyday this Masturbation May? If not, you still have plenty of time to Masturbate and Chill with me! And you could be entered to win a free 20 minute session with me!!

Last week, we eased into Masturbation May. But this week I want to push you out of your comfort zone a little bit. Not too much…just enough to up the ante without burning ourselves out. 😉 Think of this as a masturbation marathon, each time that you masturbate with me will only serve to strengthen your endurance.




Masturbate and Chill Week 2


Day 8: Watch Porn and Masturbate with Me

This is so fucking fun! I love watching porn with you while we masturbate together. I’ll share my favorite porn if you share your favorite porn with me. Can you last until the end? 


Day 9: Edge for 30 Minutes

I love edging, I just cannot get enough of it! Today, we are going to have a little fun edging together. It’s only 30 minutes but I can promise you that this will be the most intoxicating 30 minutes of your life!


Day 10: Masturbate in Front of Me

I love to watch you jerk off for me. Grab the lube, set up a Skype session with me, and give me the show I deserve!


Day 11: Masturbation Marathon

They don’t call me a sensual cocktease for no reason. 😉 You should have known that I was going to tease and edge you more than ever this month. Can you handle the challenge? Let’s find out!


Day 12: Mistress Demi’s Choice

What will I choose for you today? 🧐 I guess you’ll just have to call and see! 😉


Day 13: Masturbate on Your Lunch Break

Let’s meet up for an afternoon delight. 😉 Call me from your office during your lunch break and let’s masturbate together.


Day 14: Masturbate with a Butt Plug in

Have you ever experienced an orgasm through prostate stimulation? It is quite the experience! And today is your lucky day. Grab some lube and a butt plug. We are going to take your orgasm to new heights!




Jerking Off Everyday this Masturbation May Could Earn You a Free Session with Me!


This is VERY important! At the beginning of our session, you must say that you want to Masturbate and Chill with me. It is very important that you say this, otherwise you will not be entered.

There are several ways to enter to win a 20 minute session with me.

You will receive TWO entries for every 15 minute session. If you purchase a 60 minute session, you receive EIGHT entries!

Sessions can be by phone, Skype, or text.

Receive four entries for every 15 minute custom audio purchase. Email me at Demi@EnchantrixEmpire.com to begin planning your custom audio. Check out this custom audio pricelist to get an idea of pricing.



Keeping you under my spell and craving more until next time,

Your Sensual Cocktease Mistress Demi