There is something extremely sexy about a sensual, erotic female dominant who can turn a man into her little play toy with only the sound of her voice. I know that you agree, or else you wouldn’t be calling me for seductive erotic fantasy escapades and erotic phone sex.

The sound of my voice sends jolts of electricity throughout your body. Like a predator to her prey, I will lure you into my lair, weaving an undeniable path of carnal temptation for you to follow. You immediately feel my grasp on you, commanding you to submit to me. Like a good pet, you obey.

You will soon begin to crave me every second of every day as you become addicted to our enchanting playground and the ecstasy that you feel as it pulses through your veins while we are together.

I love to heighten each of your senses and completely engulf you in our erotic fantasy. The rush you feel when we are together is intoxicating. Serving and worshiping your Goddess brings your life meaning and happiness. You feel immense pleasure by serving me; each time is better than the last.

Before long, serving me is all that you think about. Which is exactly what I want! A good play toy knows that he has two objectives, to serve and to please. You will find yourself thinking of me from the moment you open your eyes, throughout your day, until you are finally able to call and serve. you cannot rest until you have heard my voice and know that I am pleased with your service. After our time together, you close your eyes and dream of how you will better serve me tomorrow.


Erotic Fantasy Escapades with Goddess Demi


How will you worship me today, pet? Before you tell me, I want you to assume the position.

Strip down, totally naked. Get on your knees.

Good pet. Now you may call.



Keeping you under my spell and craving more until next time,
Your Sensual Cocktease Goddess Demi

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1am-5am EST or by appointment

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