I cannot believe that it is already the end of Masturbation May! This month flew by for me and now it is time to end National Masturbation Month with a bang!! This absolutely does not mean that our masturbation fun is over. Not even close! If anything, all of the Masturbate and Chill time that I have had this May has encouraged me to find new fun and exciting ways to explore self pleasure.

Of all the creative ways that you masturbated this month, which was your favorite?


Week 5 National Masturbation Month - Masturbate and Chill with Sensual Goddess Demi 800.356.6169


Masturbate and Chill Week 5


Day 29: Listen to Erotica and Masturbate

Whether you are listening to an erotic audio or listening to my voice in your ear, today I want you to masturbate while losing yourself in an erotic story.


Day 30: Edge for 75 Minutes

WOW!! Can you believe you have made it ALL the way to 75 minutes?! I can! Keep it going!! Today, we are going to have a little fun edging together. It’s only 75 minutes but I can promise you that this will be the most intoxicating 75 minutes of your life!


Day 31: Mistress Demi’s Choice

What will I choose for you today? 🧐 I guess you’ll just have to call and see! 😉



Masturbate and Chill with Sensual Cocktease Goddess Demi 800.356.6169

Celebrating National Masturbation Month Can Earn You a Free Session with Me!


This is VERY important! At the beginning of our session, you must say that you want to Masturbate and Chill with me. It is very important that you say this, otherwise you will not be entered.

There are several ways to enter to win a 20 minute session with me.

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End National Masturbation Month with a Bang!

Embrace the journey of exploring your sensuality, for it is a path to deeper self-awareness and fulfillment. Continuously discovering what brings you pleasure allows you to connect more intimately with your body and emotions. This exploration not only enhances your personal joy but also enriches your relationships and overall well-being. Give yourself permission to experience and savor the myriad of sensations that life offers, and remember that this journey is uniquely yours, meant to be enjoyed and celebrated at every step.


Keeping you under my spell and craving more until next time,

Your Sensual Cocktease Goddess Demi