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So… hmm, yeah… I recently had an unfortunate call with a white male cuckold who thought a Black Domme like me should give a fuck about his wife, her “petite” ass or her white skin?!? This lame muthafucka had the nerve to be offended by my lack of interest in the attractiveness of his wife. He asked me if I could imagine her with my Black male friends, not as a Domme, but as a Black Puerto Rican woman, who he feels, should idolize and lust after his wife’s white ass. Huh?!? What!?! Muthafucka! On the contrary! I have zero interest in lusting after or admiring your white wife. I’m not here to fulfill your white supremacist fantasies about your precious white woman using Black & Brown bodies for her pleasure, making them crawl and beg for her depressed pussy. In other words, fuck you and that unseasoned bitch! I deal in dominant fantasies, but I’m not in the business of worshipping the bitch YOU serve.

Black Domme Womanifesto

This Black History Month and every month thereafter, I am taking it upon myself to let you submissive hoes know who the fuck I am. I’m an unapologetic Black Puerto Rican woman who has zero interest in a pink dick. I hate condescending assholes and if you step to me loud and wrong, I will be the asshole I stifle on a daily basis and hurt your feelings. I’m pro-femdom, but anti-white savior bullshit. I like to laugh so if you have the personality of a dead fish… Don’t even look my way.


Femdom is Black as fuck and I refuse to buy into the idea Black Dommes are rare; because we’re not! Black Dommes have always been here; now we probably called it something other than femdom, but it was femdom. Moreover, men all over the world recognize the majesty of Black women so I don’t understand why so many of you lame mofo’s continue to act like a bitch who thinks cottage cheese is spicy is worthy of my servitude. Furthermore, white men shouldn’t seek out the services of Black Dommes if you expect Black women to idolize white pussy. You’re a fucking white supremacist and you need to stop lying to yourself and every Black Domme you fuck with. At any rate, I said what I said! And if you don’t like it you can suck my big, Black plas-dick.