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Welcome to my world fuckers! I want you to pull up a chair and ponder some of these truth nuggets I’m about to drop on your basic asses. Men, we need to talk, not about your dick or my otherworldly cunt, but about the psychological bondage depriving you of fantastic sex. The myth of the alpha male is a pox on humanity, and the fuckery needs to stop.

The toxic celebration of the “Alpha” male is a facade, an illusion perpetrated by insecure men trying way too hard to convince other men of their manly manhood. A mouthful, I know, but hang in there. Because you know this man, the type of man who brags about all the pussy he can get, the kind of man who constantly brags about how much he lifts. The man is so secure in his “manly manhood” and barks about being an “Alpha” without provocation 24/7. Nobody asked or said a damn thing about his manhood; nevertheless, his goofy ass is determined to prove he has the most testosterone. We deal with these men everywhere; they’re like taxes, inescapable. The mirage of the “Alpha/Beta male is a joke since most men are switches. Dare I say switches who lean more submissive than dominant? My study is non-scientific but potent nonetheless because I study men daily.

Titles and boxes have fucked up the game. Sexuality is very fluid, and just because a man doesn’t do X with one person doesn’t mean they won’t do it with you. Men need to feel safe to explore, and many of you fucknuggets don’t feel safe exploring your kinks. Sometimes it’s because women can push toxic narratives about manhood and what men are supposed to like sexually, but primarily out of fear of not living up to this made-up symbol of manhood. Men have been taught to feel ashamed if they prioritize a woman’s pleasure or allow a woman to dominate them.

Most Men Are Switches

Most men are switches. Most men are naturally submissive. They cater to and worship women but hate the word “submissive.” They love the deed but hate the word. I sat and thought about my lovers and how they all swore they were dominant, and they didn’t have a submissive bone in their body; fast forward, and they are very aroused by being handled by me, penetrated, and having me suck and lick their nipples in a way they view as “less than manly.” They are so uncomfortable with the stuff that turns them on that they start trying to overcompensate. I gently put them at ease by reminding them it’s okay if they like to be fucked with their legs in the air. The “Amazon” position is hot, and if you enjoy having me ride your dick with your legs in the air, own it, love. There’s no shame in wanting your manly legs in the air. Let all the fear go and bust a nut in peace being fucked by me or some other sexy woman who isn’t afraid to take the reins. Be the switch you were born to be!


Bruh, I know you’re reading this and thinking, Goddess Camilla, you don’t dwell in the valley of the beast. You have no idea what it’s like in the wild. You’re blessed to be born a woman. We lessers (men) can’t properly wipe or wash our ass without our sexuality being questioned. And all of what you said is true. Men are held hostage by toxic masculinity. Your desire to appear strong and manly to your fellow mouth-breathers has fucked up your ability to enjoy the b=grear beauty of life, that fresh feeling you get when you wash your ass thoroughly, using a washcloth to scrub under your balls, clean fingernails, moisturized skin and so many more things that hyper-masculinity has made “unmanly.” many of you think I’m a judgmental bitch for dragging you cave-dwellers, and you’re right. I’m a sexy fucking bitch with a juicy twat and a tall, voluptuous body that I bathe regularly. As a woman, the freshness of my pussy is a hot topic for men. I can’t go anywhere without a lesser wanting to test the freshness of my cunt, but the minute I ask them If their interest in the smell of my ass and pussy extends to their balls, armpits, and ass being springtime fresh, I get called a stuck-up bitch. Fair is fair. I’m tired of the double standard. Society tells me my pussy, ass, and titties must smell fresh and lovely 24/7, so where’s all that same energy for you bastards? Easier said than done, but it’s possible.
I believe that the change starts when men stop letting Incels define manhood. If incels were so great, they would be drowning in an abundance of pussy. Their internalized hatred of men who get the attention from women they crave is why we have a generation of men trying to shame men for being decent, clean, and respectful of boundaries. It’s one of the biggest con jobs. A group of deplorable twats defining manhood while they blame women for their lack of interest in fucking them is WILD. All these so-called alpha males are nine times out of 10 incels with shrimp dicks, horrible personalities, and no charisma. So why are you listening to them? Anybody can start a podcast, so why do these musty nutsacks with a microphone have such a strong hold on men? Why are the “alpha male” overlords so powerful?

Men Need Better Role Models

Where did the men go wrong? Some might say men have always been bad, but there seems to be a wave, a movement of men and their self-hating hand-maidens pushing this real men don’t wash their ass, bathing is gay malarkey, and I need the lessers to see the con. I know I’m asking a lot of you, and quite frankly, I don’t have a lot of faith in you, but the eternal optimist in me has to believe you know how to spot the grift.
The biggest grift is repressed homosexuals who hate themselves for being attracted to men who have adopted these toxic alpha male tropes to shame men who are comfortable living their truth. The conservative “alpha-male ” expert is usually one of two types a cartoon parody of hyper-masculinity or a bow-tie-wearing asshole who uses his wealth and proximity to wealth as a measure of his manhood. He may not be a repressed homosexual, but he reveals himself to be a horrible lover, a boring fuck, and quite possibly a stranger to wet pussy. These men have become the testosterone council. They tell men how to be men. The Testosterone Council engages in homo-erotic behavior but hates openly gay men. They encourage men not to bathe and to eat unseasoned meat as a show of manhood; on its face, it looks and sounds comical. Still, the sad truth is that men worldwide are falling prey to this very odd celebration of being unappealing to women and blaming women for being unable to handle men of such great testicular fortitude that they have to bathe their balls in sunlight. I never thought I’d see the day when men thought being deplorable to women was a flex. I know many of you bastards hate women, but I’m stunned by how open these repressed incels are. Most misogynists are charming dicks who know how to fuck, so this new breed is a trip. I believe that so much of this toxic masculinity would be eliminated if more men were in the homes. These lost men were abandoned by their fathers. The hurt caused by that abandonment is why they terrorize the rest of us—a generation of men seeking validation from men who don’t know themselves and likely hate themselves. The horrible leading the horrible. Men need better role models of healthy sexuality. Where are the superstar athletes who can be open about enjoying a woman pegging them?

We need you to shatter the stigma of being submissive. Where are the rappers who like to eat ass and pussy, and be spanked, edged, and pegged? The world needs you. Where’s the country star who enjoys sucking dick and fucking pussy? WE NEED YOU TO SPEAK OUT! We must stop the ridiculous propaganda pushed by these repressed, undesirable misogynists who refuse to face their truth. We have a lot of gay men in sports, but only a few of them are open about it, and I get it. You come out when you’re ready, but the few we have, need to be the face of healthy sexuality and living in your truth on your terms. They didn’t owe us their sexual orientation, but the fact that they shared who they are is a model for healthy manhood, and we appreciate you. You repressed hetero men who can’t admit to liking a finger up your ass need help!