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                    A Session with Dr. Alina


Dr. Alina is at her office, seated in her leather chair.

Her long blonde hair is swept up, her make-up minimal, and her dress formal.

She is wearing a dark navy suit, a cream blouse, a simple string of white pearls, and high heeled dark pumps.

A knock on the door indicates that Ms. Camilla and her husband, John, are ready for their session, and Dr. Alina welcomes them in.

Ms. Camilla, ravishing and confident, walks in wearing a halter top, a pencil skirt, and boots.

Dr. Alina – “Hello there, Ms. Camilla, you’re looking so adorable today! You’re glowing!

And hello there, John… You’re looking, well, concerned.” 

“Please have a seat and tell Dr. Alina what’s been going on in your marriage.”

Camilla – “For a month now, I’ve been experiencing a level of personal satisfaction that has quite frankly been elusive to me for some years. I’m a new woman!” 

Dr. Alina – “I see! That’s wonderful… and surprising! You’ve wanted to do this marital counseling session for some time now.”

Ms. Camilla – “Yes, Dr. Alina, I’ve been obsessing over this session for a month!”

Husband John – I’m not sure why, but I’m feeling very nervous about this.

Dr. Alina – “Well, John understandably, you’re very nervous. But we’re all here to help your marriage and address any issues you’re having.”

Husband John – “Camilla is the love of my life, and I would never want to lose her.”

Ms. Camilla – “Oh, John… you know that I love you. There are a few things about you that bother me and I brought you here to see if we can come to an understanding.”

Dr. Alina – “Ms. Camilla, turn towards John and tell him why you’ve brought him to see me.”

Ms. Camilla – “Damn, doc… this is so fucking hard to say in front of him. John, I love you, and I hope you know this and that after I tell you what I have to tell you that you cling to that truth, baby.”

Husband John: “Camilla is my Queen. I want her to have ONLY the best of everything”.

Ms. Camilla – “And you do give me the best of everything, baby… well almost everything. Something’s lacking in our marriage, and that’s why I brought you here.”

Husband John – “Please tell me what I’ve done to displease you. I promise I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy!”

Ms. Camilla – “Are you sure?” What I’m getting ready to share with you is going to test your limits and… I don’t know if you’re willing or able to back up your statement.”

Husband John – “What do you mean??? Is there someone else???

 Ms. Camilla – “In a word, yes.”

Husband John – “WHO IS HE???”

Ms. Camilla – “Well, you know him… sort of. You’ve met him at one of my office parties.”

Husband John – “What do you mean??? I thought I was enough for you!!!!!

Dr. Alina – ” Calm down, John. Your wife loves you enough to discuss this openly… she could have kept it quiet. You need to take a deep breath and hear her out. Continue sharing, Ms. Camilla.”

Camilla – “Thank you, Dr. Alina. I really need to discuss this in detail to gauge where my husband and our marriage is destined to go. I’m seeking to evolve in my marriage, not stay stagnant and unfulfilled.”

Dr. Alina – “Oh, very well put. Let us look at this as a new page in your book, your marriage’s evolution.

So tell us a little bit about your new lover Camilla!”

Ms. Camilla – “With Pleasure! David (my co-worker) is 6’5″ with big strong arms, a broad chest, abs of steel, a nice round hockey player’s ass, and thick muscular thighs. His skin is brown and beautiful, and his eyes are hypnotic. He has the most beautiful teeth I’ve ever seen; the man is a walking Colgate ad! But one of my favorite things on David are his lips… ugh! I love how soft and full they are.”

Dr. Alina – “Oh my… he sounds impressive. No wonder you’re glowing, Camilla.”

Husband John – “I can’t believe this…. I mean, I thought I was enough for you? I know I’m not really big down there… but I really felt that I was enough…”

Dr. Alina – “I must say I feel a bit flustered myself listening to you, Camilla. Please tell us more!”

Ms. Camilla – “David and I met at work. He was brought in to assist me on a project, and over long days and late nights working together, a spark was lit. David and I tried desperately to deny our attraction, he knows about you, babe, and knows how much I love you.

He never intended to fall for me, and I certainly didn’t plan to cheat with David, but… fuck! I need some satisfaction in my life. I’m tired of pretending to cum with you.”

 I need to be filled, I want to be full! I deserve pleasure in my life and in my bed. I’ve struggled with you and your lack of dick for as long as I can. I’ve been trying desperately to get over your lack of dick by focusing on your love for me and how you try to please me outside of the bedroom and babe… it’s just not enough.” 

“David has the necessary equipment to get me where I need to be. I don’t have to close my eyes and imagine a thick veiny dick inside me when he and I fuck because David is my walking, breathing big dick fantasy. My lust for him is primal and clear-cut. He’s equipped with a platinum-coated dick, and you, dear heart, have a beautiful soul. The bottom line is you’re not enough of what I need in the bedroom to pledge my undying loyalty to you. I need more, and you’re just not equipped, beloved.”

Husband John – “I can’t believe this is happening. I wish I could say this surprised me… My wife is the real deal, my dream woman. I’ve waited all my life for this Goddess. And I now realize that I have to face the fact, I’m not even close to the real man she truly needs and deserves as her lover…”

Dr. Alina – “That’s the spirit, John.”

“You must understand that a Goddess like Camilla deserves the best, and if you can’t give her what she is entitled to and deserves, you must clear the path for someone who can.”

Husband John – “I should grovel at my wife’s feet with gratitude because of her kindness in teaching me how to be a better husband.”

Dr. Alina – “Indeed, John! Camilla, please share how taking on this new lover, Alpha Man David, has improved your life?”

Ms. Camilla – “I feel like I’ve been asleep, and David’s dick brought me back to life! I know I look like a woman in love, doctor, but I’m not. I don’t want you to be confused about my feelings for David; yes, we have fantastic sex. Yes, we enjoy each other’s company, but David knows that my heart belongs to my husband. David loves me, but there’s only room for one man in my heart, and that man is the one sitting next to me. However, David has awakened a part of me that I’ve been trying to deny. A piece of me that feels like a man who can’t sexually satisfy his lover is undeserving of their partner’s sexual exclusivity.”

Husband John – “Thank you for allowing me to remain your loving and faithful husband, Goddess Camilla… But, do I really not measure up to David?

Can’t you, my lovely, amazing wife, return to being mine?”

Dr. Alina – “I think your husband needs to know that he will never be enough for you, Ms. Camilla. 

I think it’s time for you to explain to your husband why your Alpha Stud lover, David’s dick, is superior to his.”

Ms. Camilla – (Turning to face her husband)

“Babe, David, is 9-inches flaccid. He’s thick with the ability to cum 3 times without any breaks every time we fuck. His dick is platinum-coated and diamond-encrusted. Your dick is bargain basement trash that they keep in the bin marked irregular at clothing stores. His dick rests against his thighs while your dick looks like a piece of chewed gum. Babe, you don’t want to compare grade-A dick to trash dick. Do you really want to play this game?”

Husband John – “Wow! You’re right. I don’t want to play this game. There’s no way I can EVER be the lover you rightly deserve. 

Ms. Camilla – “What does that mean for our marriage? Do you want a divorce?”

Husband John – (John stares lovingly into the eyes of Ms.Camilla)

“No, babe. I could never leave you. You own me lock, stock, and barrel. I ‘m dedicated to this journey with you, and with the help of Dr. Alina, I will learn how to be the ultimate cuckold for my Goddess.”

 (John gets down on his knees in front of Ms. Camilla) 

“May I please bow at your feet and express how appreciative I am for your patience with me and my bargain basement dick. I accept that your Alpha Male Stud gives you everything that I can’t, and I will proudly play my new position.”


Dr. Alina – “FANTASTIC… this has been a very successful session…

Welcome to the Cuckold Club, John!!! Your membership is permanent and for life.” 

Ms. Camilla – “At last, my husband’s getting the picture. I knew this therapy session would change our lives for the better!”

Dr. Alina – “Yes, indeed, and we must continue our cuckold couples therapy regularly so that your marriage will only become more robust.

And, oh, Ms. Camilla… I genuinely want to know everything about this Alpha Stud David.”

Ms. Camilla – “I bet you do, Dr. Alina!”

“David likes to send me pictures of his dick as soon as he wakes up. He sends me videos of himself touching his dick and telling me how much “MY” dick misses me and that pot of gold between my legs. I can show you better than I can tell you. Take a look, doctor.”

Dr. Alina – “OH MY GOD. I’m flustered… has it gotten hot in this room, or is it just me!”

Ms. Camilla – “Oh, trust me, Dr. Alina… this Alpha Stud can turn any room into a passion pit…”

Dr. Alina – “Well, Ms. Camilla, I have to say that you’ve taken a lemon and made lemonade. You can’t imagine how many couples I see who can’t be honest about their stale sex life. You and John have found the cheat code for a happy marriage. Our time is almost up, but I suggest marital therapy sessions regularly to develop this new phase of your love in a healthy, honest way.”

Husband John – “Yes, I will do whatever it takes for my Goddess’s satisfaction and happiness.”

Dr. Alina – “Excellent. Delighted to hear it. Please see my receptionist at the entrance there, and she will help you book a therapy session appointment that works for your schedule.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this combined blog installment!

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