So how can I serve Mistress Demi between calls.

I have to be so very thankful for yet another awesome LDW mistress. Throughout the years it has been so much fun talking with the world class mistresses. EE also has been great communicating with the many participants. Thank you for improving the quality of my life.

After a call it lingers in my mind. There is a reason LDW guarantees their calls

Yes I must serve and please Mistress Demi between calls!!!


Mistress Demi is indeed a great teacher. It is about the process. It is about building a foundation. Then adding the pieces so one can excel.

She is strong willed. She uses stages effectively in imposing her will. I so appreciate her positive reinforcement.

She so understands the feminine mind.

She is an outstanding communicator both during and between talks.

Femininity is so beautiful. I embrace it. It starts in my mind and envelopes my body.

The subconscious part leads to the physical outside appearance and actions.

I will honor Mistress Demi when not in session by-

Continue to empower other women. Listen to them. Support them. I am an avid promoter of the new Professional Women’s Professional Hockey League which is a movement in women’s sports. I will continue to support this and other women’s athletic endeavors.

There are way more areas than sports that I will continue to empower women. I am thinking if women ran most countries we would have a much more peaceful and just world. I also believe if women ran companies they would be more fair and just.

During sessions Mistress Demi conditions my subconscious with physical and mental tasks. I will follow through on those feminine feelings that become even more embedded. They linger. I will follow through on tasks she gives me to complete. I will in my mind continue to message that I must obey and please her. This is done with glee.

I will be feminine in my mind, appearance and actions.

I will provide necessary feedback that Mistress Demi requires.

I will refine and grow from the training and expectations from Mistress Demi.

My feminine growth has increased. I will maintain that and continue to show Mistress Demi that and even more growth.

I will with great enthusiasm look forward to our next calls. I will look so forward to see how much more I can serve, please and obey her.

Mistress Demi is very much in touch with how the feminine mind works and so embraces feminine empowerment. When not talking to Mistress Demi I will also embrace that.

After talking the talk, I will walk the walk.

I will be a beautiful woman in mind and body.

I will consider it continuing education to even being more feminine.

I will pay attention to details.

My subconscious will reflect my appearance and actions.

I am and will continue to be a beautiful woman inside and out.

This will continue to be so satisfying and fun.