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I like to think of myself as a witch; if you’re familiar with my writing and overall humiliation style, this statement is the least shocking thing you’ve heard. However, my witchy magic is not just cruel; it’s also majestic. I’m magical in ways that leave many of my callers speechless and drained because I am Camilla, the enchantress of dicks.

 Enchantress of Dicks?

 I know you’re reading this entry and thinking, what the fuck is a dick enchantress? Well, my horny future fan. I am a dick enchantress. I cast a spell and own my callers in ways that stun and terrify them. You don’t understand how a woman who has never met you can tap into your dick and make it dance to my tune. And I love that for me. My voice is like a magical flute. I open my mouth, and my voice starts to spin its magic. My imagination keeps you hypnotized. The creativity turns you into my willing servant. My erotic storytelling has you in a chokehold. You can’t turn away, but you want to regain control. The internal battle being waged is no match for my magic. I take you on my magic carpet of ecstasy and allow you to partake in the forbidden fantasies you bury deep within. Camilla, the Black magic woman, the bruja who controls your erection, has her size 12 foot on your neck, and you don’t want me to let up. Brujerias, like me, are scary to most because we tap into the dark and light. We sense your vulnerabilities and have the power to exploit your weaknesses or give you something that enriches your life, giving you peace, satisfaction, and a new perspective. I choose to enrich men and make you feel whole by teaching you the joy of worshipping a living Goddess

Can the Enchantress of Dicks Enchant my Dick? 

I know anybody reading this is likely questioning my claims, and I’m okay with that. As a fully functioning adult, you should question people when they claim they have unique capabilities. Can the Enchantress of Dicks Enchant my Dick? It’s the question you’re likely asking, and the answer is Hell, Yes! I’m a bad bitch. Every dick that crosses my path is forever changed by my ability to wrap your dick in the loving embrace of my voice and seduce that fucker within an inch of its life. Your dick sways to the dulcet tone of my voice. It doesn’t matter if your dick can maintain an erection or is limp like a noodle. My magic can make you shoot/leak. Whatever your dicks condition, you will be blessed by my witchy powers.

Enchanting limp dicks is the actual test of a dick enchantress. Not everybody is equipped for the job, but if you have the gift, you can make that deflated tire dick spit, dribble, leak, and have an otherworldly experience.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

I know many of you lame mofos are reading this and rolling your eyes, twisting up your mouth, and maybe sucking your teeth because you’re still not convinced that I have special powers, and if you are, let me say this, fuck ya! The proof is in the pudding. I have callers with dick ailments whose lives have been enriched by my magic. However, I don’t owe men my gifts; I can, in fact, leave you fair weather hard-on dick, having bastards on read. Because pleasure is not owed, it is a gift. A gift many of you assholes don’t deserve, but alas, the enchantress takes mercy on you and tries to bring some joy to your life, sometimes. Most of the time, it’s a power trip for me. I enjoy flexing my power.