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                             Goddess Leila


Her name is Goddess Leila, and she is a force to be reckoned with. She is everything and demands everything. Her heart is big, but her antipathy towards men is bigger. Goddess Leila is a woman who breathes sex; I mean, everything about her is sensual, juicy, warm, and sweet. Her walk is like the sexiest melody being played on the best guitar. She is a work of art, and she knows it. This is a true story about a living, breathing Goddess who takes a vow of celibacy, not as some antiquated ode to purity for God or religion, but as a revolutionary act of self-love.

Goddess Leila has spent much of her life observing the vile behavior of men, and the many ways that women are expected to tolerate male fuckery and… She’s not having any parts of it. She is a Goddess who has no interest in fucking a mere mortal. Goddess pussy is reserved for God’s and… Leila doesn’t think men can be God’s. Men are barely human to her, so God is… well, damn near impossible. Goddess Leila is a mystery to many and a gift to all. Her story is long, sometimes confusing, but always sexy. She is every woman, but unique, and she picked me to tell her story.




Leila’s mentor/guardian taught her several life lessons, but she always thought about this one: ‘men were tools to be used, but never worshipped.’ Leila would hear Jazz say this several times a week to her friends during their nightly chat sessions. The young Goddess would kneel by Jazz’s door to listen in on calls about emotionally manipulative men, abusive men, cheap men, trifling men, weak men, and the many reasons these seemingly powerful women chose to stay in torturous marriages with trash ass men. The night would always end with Leila’s mentor telling these women the truth about their situation and proceeding to let these women know that she supports whatever they decide to do and wishing them a good night’s rest and a night of peaceful sleep. Leila would sit on the floor by the door and wonder why people would ask her mentor’s advice on men and marriages when she didn’t have a man or a marriage. Jazz, was a divorceé with male admirers but she had no steady, committed relationship. What does she know about relationships? Jazz was the type of woman people would warn women about. She was a cautionary tale for chauvinistic men who wanted to scare their wives into submission; a single woman with 3 college degrees, 2 jobs, and no man. In the eyes of most people, Jazz had a rough life, and they wanted Leila to know and feel the pity that they showered on her and Jazz. They always wanted Jazz and Leila to feel inferior at family get-togethers and to always be aware of how easy the other women in the family had it. For a while, their plan worked… not on Jazz, but on Leila. For several years Leila hated family functions! She abhorred how her family would talk about Jazz and how hard it must be to work 2 jobs and raise a daughter with condescension dripping off every word they uttered. Leila would look at her family and feel shame, shame, and anger.

Why couldn’t Jazz have 1 boyfriend? Why did she treat men like toys? Why did she keep condoms in her purse? Why does she brag about fucking men and kicking them to the curb? Why are these men paying for Leila’s clothes, school trips, and family vacations? Leila was so angry! She hated how her family looked down on Jazz, but she wished Jazz were more “traditional.” Leila was ashamed of Jazz’s independence and unapologetic sexuality.

Jazz used men for sex, but she was also showered with cash and gifts after every intimate encounter with her stable of male admirers. Leila would angrily write in her journal about Jazz being nothing more than a prostitute and how she wished Jazz would pick 1 of her stable, wealthy men and marry him. These feelings consumed and saddened Leila for most of her early life. She developed this weird need to be everything Jazz wasn’t.

Jazz is a stunningly beautiful woman who always carries herself like a queen—a queen with the best make-up, clothes, shoes, hair, and perfume. Jazz raised Leila to celebrate her femininity and take pride in her appearance, and for a long time, Leila did! She loved all the fashion, hair, and fragrance trips Jazz brought her on. She loved how Jazz would give her facials and treat her to all the best skincare a girl could ever want; their pampering time was really bonding time, and both ladies treasured it, but things change… And the world outside their safe little bubble has a way of taking the light out of a young woman’s eyes. Leila was a young, tall curvy woman who enjoyed wearing jeans,  baseball caps, sneakers, and  t-shirts as her daily uniform. She didn’t hide her body, but she wasn’t showing it off either. Leila thought she was “safe” and men didn’t harass women like her… she was wrong.

Leila learned a painful truth about men and their entitlement issues the way many women do… on the bus. At first, Leila thought these men were standing behind her because the bus was packed. Still, Leila soon realized she was painfully naive. The goddess-in-training began feeling erect penises grinding against her from behind or men trying to reach between her legs while she was standing in front of them, or having their warm (bad) breath whisper disgusting comments about her body in her ear. Every day Leila hoped to avoid the groping and grinding of strange men, and every day was a battle. In response to being harassed, Leila did what most of us do; she blamed herself and tried to find new imaginative ways to be less appealing to men, and a new version of Leila was born.




 Leila had lived the majority of her early life running away from her undeniable power over men. As a beautiful goddess in a world that treats beautiful women like things to conquer and never be respected; made our Goddess think that she had to shrink and make herself small so men wouldn’t notice her. She hoped that wearing 4-layers of clothing would hide her feminine form, making her invisible to the opposite sex. Leila spent 8 years living in the shadows, pretending to be oblivious to the cat-calls, insults, and propositions from men who threw money at her feet. She lived in fear, and she was tired. Every night when Leila got home from her long torturous journey through the hell of public transportation, she would peel off her 3-4 layers of clothes, her 2 bras, and her headscarf. Our queen would step in her shower, let the water cleanse her, revive her, and fortify her. Leila, in those moments, remembered that she is God. Her body is sacred, and the filthy handprints that were left on her flesh by heathens can be washed away. In her shower, Leila would stare at her beautiful feminine curves, the fullness of her breasts, the roundness of her ass, the full bushy triangle of jet-black hair that covered her pussy, her mocha-brown skin, her chocolate nipples, and her long wavy dark Black hair. She looked at herself, explored her body with loving hands, hands that felt her warmth and humanity, hands that felt soft, warm, and kind. In these private after-work masturbation shower sessions, Leila learned to love her body, not just as a sexual being but also as a healer. Every orgasm for Leila was a reclamation of her body, a baptism, and an acknowledgment of the God within. During one of her self-love marathon sessions, Leila had an epiphany. Our burgeoning goddess was pulling on her chocolate nipples as she stood under the showerhead, letting the ice-cold water run over her enormous, firm breasts. Feeling the delicious sensations shooting through her body made Leila re-evaluate the way she lived her life. Staring at this full-bodied diva in the mirror touching her body, awakening every nerve, running these loving hands in-between her creamy brown thighs, and feeling her warm mound throbbing made Leila face the truth… She is a woman. She is sexy. She is gorgeous, and no man is worthy of her. Leila decided to stop hiding her truth and to walk in it. Leila pushed herself against the wall of her shower, bent her knees, and began brushing the soft black bushy triangle beneath her belly button. Feeling the water caress her nipples and watching her fingers reach between her thighs, Leila, for the very first time, looked at herself in the mirror as she touched herself. Our Goddess studied her own facial expressions as she gave her warm, wet cunt the most delicious massage. As her fingertips rubbed on the spot right above the entrance to her pussy, her knees buckled. Leila felt her power increasing with every touch, and with every subtle moan, she claimed her power. Leila looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t imagine any man or woman being as sexy as she looked or felt at that moment. That realization aroused her even more. Watching herself pinch and pull on her watermelon pink clit, feeling a warm wave traveling up her spine, she decided to be adventurous; Leila opened the window in her shower. Leila wanted all the men in her neighborhood to see the woman that’s been hibernating under 3-layers of clothes. She wanted to let them know that this is the first and last time they’ll get to see a Goddess without honoring Goddess Leila’s temple. Her freedom was bought and paid for with sweat & tears, and she will live her life the way her mentor, Jazz, intended. To be free, independent, and wealthy. If these men wanted to touch and feel, they could feel her boot on their dick, and they could taste the bottom of her shoes with their tongue. Feeling and seeing her neighbors watching her pleasing herself drove Leila over the edge. She came hard and loud, so loud that her mentor asked her if she was ok. Leila didn’t just cum in that shower; Leila gave birth… to herself. The days of wearing multiple layers of clothing and shrinking in front of men are over! From now on, Leila will use her power to toy with men and satisfy herself. This is the first day of her delicious journey.