My Erotic Audios

Are you curious about a hot phone sex call with me but want to hear my voice first? Here you can listen to a few of my erotic audios!

I have one rule for you while you are listening to my sexy, erotic audios. No touching!

I want you to think of these audios as little teasers of what you can expect when you call this sensual cocktease for erotic phone sex. Who knows?! Our conversation may just be the inspiration for my next audio teaser. ūüėČ

Want to hear something specific? Email me at for a custom phone sex audio made exclusively for you.

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I will be updating this page regularly with new phone sex audios so make sure you check back often!





Are you curious to know what type of phone sex calls I like?

Listen to these phone sex audios to get an idea of my interests and what a phonesex call with me would be like.



Check out my phone sex listings, listen to more of my erotic audios, and then call the number and ask for Demi.

Black Book Girls Phone Sex                         800.730.9389

BDSM Mistress Phone Sex                          800.356.6169

Body Worship Phone Sex                            800.376.0133

Bratty Babes Phone Sex                             800.259.3922

CFnm Phone Sex                                        800.270.4645

Chastity Phone Sex                                    800.730.9391

Cock Control Phone Sex                            800.376.0207

Coerced Bi Phone Sex                               800.730.9402

Cuckold Phone Sex                                    800.505.1678

Cum Eating Phone Sex                              888.926.2526

Domination Phone Sex                              800.730.3498

Dominatrix Phone Sex                               800.739.0779

Edging Phone Sex                                     888.846.2268

Extreme Cock Control Phone Sex             888.928.6336

Extreme Cock Tease Phone Sex               800.730.9304

Female Domination Phone Sex                 800.218.2431

FemDom Tease Phone Sex                       877.496.0251

Feminization Phone Sex                           800.730.3593

Female Domination Phone Sex                800.218.2431

Foot Worship Phone Sex                          800.376.9923

Giantess Phone Sex                                 877.496.0255

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex             800.376.0068

Horny Phone Sex                                     855.211.9111

Humiliation Phone Sex                             800.730.3410

Jerk Off Instructions                                 800.539.6256

Ignore Fetish Phone Sex                         800.506.7178

Leg Fetish Phone Sex                             800.505.1678

Male Chastity Phone Sex                        800.539.6489

Mean Mistress Phone Sex                       800.730.9391

Pass the Penis Phone Sex                      800.730.3602

Pegging Strap On Phone Sex                 877.490.8945

Phone Sex Fantasies                              800.376.0071

Queening Phone Sex                              800.539.3934

Sci Fi Fetish Phone Sex                          800.490.4262

Sensual Domination Phone Sex              800.730.9408

Sexy Message Sessions

Sissification Training                                800.730.3507

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex        800.730.9294

Spoiled Princess Phone Sex                   877.496.0250

Tantric Sex Guided Masturbation            800.259.3938

Wet and Messy Phone Sex                     800.685.8747


Get to Know Me



Are you curious to know more about me? Well, you are in luck! Here are 10 things about me that you should know before our session. And to be totally honest, this is probably the most that I will ever willingly talk about myself. I am much more interested in learning about you!

However, if you were hoping to make a good first impression before our session, reading this will absolutely guarantee your success. So, read the tea about FemDom Goddess Demi and if you still want to know more, definitely¬†contact me¬†and ask away, I won‚Äôt bite‚Ķhard. ūüėŹ



Keeping you under my spell and craving more until next time,
Your Sensual Cocktease Mistress Demi